Who’s American?


Thanks to my mother I was raised being told the wisdoms and tales of the Native American people. Quite uncommon childhood tales for somebody growing up in the 1970’s in Germany.

But I benefit from being gifted with a quite unusual, fairly wonderful and open minded mother.

Processing the news and consequences arising from the actions taken by president Trump (I still feel a bit of a shiver writing down these two words following each other) – the tales of my childhood kicked in.

Feeling furious about the news and having absolutely no march or demonstration close by to release this anger, I created a little work to express my perspective.

The pictures used are released under Creative Common License.

The Trump picture was taken by Michael Scott Vadon. The picture of an unnamed Gros Ventre Native American was taken by Edward Curtis and first published 1909. Please provide these informations if you like to share my work – and you are dearly invited to.

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