Lost In Translation? Nope.

I am aware that for some time now this blog has been read by people who do not speak German.
And I have been frequently asked to offer an English version.
I have had a look at bilingual blogs – and always found them very confusing… because all posts are published twice.

Nevertheless, I would like to provide an easy way to translate the texts quickly and conveniently to English. (And many more languages.)

DeepL is a Cologne-based start-up and uses artificial intelligence for its translations. DeepL translations read more smoothly and naturally than any other translation tool I’ve tried for translating Russian Spaceflight texts to German. And this is truly the ultimate test for translations – believe me.
DeepL does a fantastic job, in fact, even with the free version.

And that’s how it works:

1. Copy the text and paste it to the left square of the translation tool. The language will be recognized automatically.

2. Select your language. (Options above the right square.)

3. Should the translation read bumpy in some parts – click on the word and DeepL will offer alternative phrases.

Sometimes DeepL will fail – and that’s my fault. I will use metaphors that don’t exist in English. Sometimes I invent words. Sometimes I rebuild words in such a way that they wouldn’t be found in German dictionaries either.

Even artificial intelligence can’t do much about that.

But apart from these special features, DeepL will provide the best reading experience currently available for automatically translated texts.

If you have any questions about translations – feel free to ask in the comments to the article.